A few old bus photos

Here are a few busses ive built over the years. the one in the middle was a conglomeration between a close friend and I.



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Visiting an old friend

I posted the following on youtube after finding that in the three and a half years since we posted our bus for sale, we’ve gotten 37,000 views.

Hello all,
After three and half years I see that this video has gotten a lot of views. I actually logged on to change the posting because I am still receiving emails from folks who are interested in purchasing the bus. In actuality the bus sold within a week of us making this video and posting it for sale. I wanted to say that it means a lot to me that so many people are interested and inspired by our bus house. At the time we built it we had very little. We were living in a wall tent with a couple other families on a rural piece of land and we had just had our first child. In order to continue traveling and searching for our place in this world we scrounged together a couple thousand dollars, bought the old bus and spent about half a year building it out with salvaged materials. It honestly never accured to me that i was making something all that unusual, I was simply aspiring to build a comfortable home for our young family. We traveled and lived in our bus, caravaning with another young family, for over a year. When we found we were pregnant with our second child we decided to join some friends in Alaska for the birth. We made the tough decision to sell the bus in order to make the big boat trip up north and continue our journey in a different chapter. We loved our bus very much, we did not build it to sell or in order to get attention, we simply put our love and energy into it in order to make a home for our precious young one and ourselves. we are still on our journey, we are still searching for , and all the time finding, our place in this world. thank you all for the encouragement. Inspiration is not something you give or take, it is something we hold together.
Sincerely, Deor

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